Community Talks

Community talks

Some of the guests! (so far!)

We asked ourselves how we can stay connected in the midle of a pandemic. How a community can come to life, when we can’t even come together. 

We figured that a chat with our community can be a first act to engage and interact with everyone within the community. A first act to start networking and building relationships on the paths of the world wide web.

This is what we aim for

We’re all about our community. Ofcourse. Our community and our members are the reason why we exist – our sole mission is to add value to their life. And our community has been asleep for too long. 

With community talks we wanted to start warming up our otherwise very chatty, helpful, and engaged community. But natural (?) causes have made that more difficult over the last year. 

We want to discover the community and make as many people interact as possible. So that we can inspire eachothers and plant a little seed that one day will grow to be a beatiful (coffee)tree. 

Community talks are totally free and open to every- and anyone who want’s to join in! Otherwise we would defeat it’s purpose. They are hosted on our instagram (@scasweden) as livestreams and saved as IGTV-clips for everyone to enjoy for eternity!

The first round we started out with four friends that has been in the community for very long – and has beatiful stories to share with everyone else. But we want to keep this going. To invite four other people for the next round – and perhaps even talk- and learn more about a specific subject or theme. The possibilities are endless and we are very open to requests and suggestions. So if you want to share a story – please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re doing this together with you – together with our community.