EVENT: Community Talks

EVENT: Community Talks

Welcome to Community Talks!

We asked ourselves how we can stay connected in the middle of a pandemic. How a community can come to life, when we can’t even come together.

We figured that a chat with our community can be a first act to engage and interact with the community. A first act to start networking on the paths of the world wide web.

This is what we aim for:

We’re all about our community, you get that by now! It’s like 70% (perhaps even 80-90%) of our identity. And with community talks we aim to start warming up our chatty and helpful community and start engaging. 

We want to discover the community – and make you meet everyone that shares your and our passion for coffee. To plant a little seed that someday might grow to be a beatiful strong tree (coffee tree ofcourse!)

The community talks are totaly free and open to everyone – we’ll be hosting the event on our instagram (make sure to follow to get information about dates and times for the chats!) as a live broadcasted chat – pretty straight forward!

This first round we’re starting of with four friends that has been in the community for very long – and has some experience we want to share with everyone else!
But we also aim to keep this going! To invite four more people next time, and talk about something else – the possibilites are litterary endless and we are very open to suggestions and requests! We’re doing this together with you – together with the community!

So in short:

  • Please join us on instagram live for events focusing on engaging the community
  • Information will be given via instagram stories and posts
  • Please reach out with suggestions and requests! We’d love to hear them!