Event: STHLM Coffee Throwdown

Event: STHLM Coffee Throwdown

STHLM Coffee Throwdown

Haven’t we all been waiting for too long for something fun to happen? I know I have! And the year has gone by so quick! It’s already may? Where did all the other months go? But those months are history now! From now on, there is only one month that matters: june. 

We love our community! You know that by now! And we love to bring all the good coffee people together – because that is when great things happen. That’s when new relationships are born – both personal and professional. 

We’re hosting an event! We know it’s a bit risky, but if all of us just manage to stay at home when we should – we’re probably not going to cause a klustersmitta. On top of that we’re having all the fun outside and we’re keeping good track of how many are attending! This is the one time we’re asking for you to trust us: we’ll bee as safe as we possibly can! 

So we called some of our friends, and told them about what we want to do! And thanks to them we can now make that a reality! 

This is the deal: we’re hosting a good old latte art throwdown. But close your eyes for a minute (don’t actually – keep reading but imagine that you close your eyes) and picture this!

A sunny saturday afternoon, outside with your sunglasses on! A lot of friends, and soon to be friends that share your passion for coffee! A beer in your right hand, a coffee in your left. Laughter, chats, and oat milk that is spinning in the pitcher! Maybe even a bird or two singing in the distance. 

We’re inviting you to the SCA Sweden STHLM Coffee Throwdown the 5:th of June 2021. We’ll be hanging outside our friends venue at Black Honey Coffee Roasters in Sickla! Steam some oatmilk from oatly and give out the nicest price i’ve ever seen from Breville!

Don’t forget to sign up via the link in our bio, on the FB event or through our website! Even if you’re not competing! See you on the 5:th!


Keep an eye out on the FB event and instargam, that’s where we’re going to communicate the most info 🙂